Saturday, 20 August 2011


Sittin' on my bed,
dangling my feet off the side,
i'm bored.

Real fucking bored..

For some reason i like my toes,
but right now, they're looking a bit worse for wear..


The elevators are apparently broken.


This has prompted the guards to lock
us all on the tier..

People are running around screaming,
banging on the tables, kicking the doors,
generally being as irritating as possible.

 Me choosing to sit in my cell
instead of joining in the spastication festivities
apparently makes me "bugged the fuck out".


I am surrounded by limitless,
breathtakingly inspirational people..

They ask me amazingly thoughtful questions..

Why do i work out..

Why do i sketch..

Why do i write..

Why do i read..

Why do i spend most of my time alone
and SPECIFICALLY not in their company..

The answer,
i don't want to be you..

You motivate me to better myself..

You are the ultimate tramps that any person
questioning their self-worth can compare themselves to,
and feel good..

 Just looking at your ultra retarded mashed up face
reminds me that things could always be worse..


Holy SHIT i'm bored..

I'm hungry too..

Discipline, i need to stay disciplined..

"Silly n****r ain't got no weight to lose"

 There might be some morsel of truth
to the eloquently put statement above..

I'm by no means fat or in need of such
rapid weight loss that i'm currently undertaking..

But i could be better,
so why the fuck not..

That's the type of time i'm on at the moment,
if there is a part of my life i can improve,
i'm doing it..

Sketching, writing, working out,
reading, whatever it might be,
i'm trying to stay busy and productive..

It's working too..

 It has a positive effect on others too,
the people i give a flying fuck about anyway..

 The ultra deformed hyper tramps
are happy sipping dog piss, chewing on chunks of dog shit
and watching 'Basketball Wives' followed by 'Jersey Shore'..

Fair play to 'em..

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