Friday, 8 March 2013

There's no excuse not to spray.

My body has been telling me i need some proper rest
for a few days now, I've been waking up feeling sore all over
and getting very tired randomly during the day, plus up until
he got fired my bunkie was working in the kitchen so i was
having to get up at seven everyday ANYway..

But today?

It's my day of rest..

I Called it a night way before midnight yesterday
with the sole intentions of getting a decent amount
of kip today so my body can repair itself..

As always i woke up like clockwork,
moments before the door opened for chow this morning,
but i got some good news that meant i didn't have to get
up and grab two bowls of shitty cereal and grapefruit..

"Lay the FUCK down..gump!!"

That was nice of him..

A lot of my dreams are very similar..

I'm usually outside in most of my dreams but
there is always SOME kind of prison reference to it,
whether it's people from the jail, parts of the jail,
or just day to day jailhouse bullshit that i do in here..

Often I'll be in conversation with people in my dreams
and they'll ask me questions about being in prison.

A lot of the time people are telling me in the dream
that it's all over and my time in jail is finished too..

Then again in a lot of my dreams I'm running around asking
people whether it's all over and don't actually believe anyone
when they tell me, or like the majority of my dreams, they don't
answer me whatsoever an just look at me with a blank expression
on their face.

Or they just smile..

English sarcasm?


"YO DOG i gotta dunk"


It's too early..

I don't want to get out of bed,
each time this happens i just sit on the tier waking up
and can't get back to sleep after he's finished shitting as
the whole place stinks of baby shit..

"Just shit"

He doesn't always wake me up when he needs to shit,
so my guess is that he actually was planning on beating his meat
to the magazine some dude upstairs lent him yesterday..

Telling him to just go ahead and shit basically
called his bluff as he ain't gonna wack off with me in the cell.

So now despite him not actually needed or planning on shitting,
he's going to shit on me anyway and dunk just to save face and try
make out that he WASN'T going to be beating his meat in here at
nine in the fucking morning..

I'm so tired i don't care.

I got a thick blanket wrapped around my face anyway..

Cuts out most of the stinks and sounds coming from his direction..

I'm too tired..

I need rest..

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