Sunday, 3 March 2013

He was beatin' himself in the face with two dogs

The brown towel draped over the rectangular plastic-covered light
has the whole room dimly lit, my right arm, covered in Turkish hair
and tattoos, has a golden bean of light shining on it and i can't help
but noticed how my hands look..

Apart from a bulging green vain that zig zags across the back of my palm,
i can see little patterns of triangles deeply engraved into the skin on my knuckles,
my best guess is this shit came about from them dumb-ass push ups i used to do
on my fists..

I don't do them anymore.

My hands would shake too much afterwards..

Even NOW, when i turn my wrists,
they shudder and jolt like an old rusty robot,

so yeah,

I don't do them anymore..

Next to the light is an ornament my bunkie had made from a piece of string
and all these little cubes made from old pieces of magazine.

He got this Chinese dude to make it.

The dude is kind of portly..

He makes these little origami birds and leaves
them on tables.

The dude tries to copy me when he sees me doing pull ups too,
it's pretty funny, except he can only do one and pulls that one off by
sticking his tongue out, turning red and kicking his legs like a frog..

He's a good dude though.

I remember a while back when we had sausages for chow
an he fuckin' PLAYED himself..

It's not a good look chowing down on a big piece of meat in jail.


To combat this dudes be chopping their dogs up or eating them
on a next discreet tip, not taking their time with them, not looking like
they're enjoying eating them, none of that shit..

You CERTAINLY don't want to make out that you're fiending over
having a piece of meat in your mouth..

Anytime they give out dogs, dudes get CLOWNED if they're seen
going up for seconds or taking someone else's tray, more often than not
dudes be hiding dogs in motherfuckers cells, putting them on their pillows,
in their pairs of draws, all kinds of sucker shit, in their shoes..

So anyway..

They call LAST CALL meaning last chance to get some food
and we see the Chinese man dem coming back from the line,
smiling ear to ear, with a plastic bag bursting at the seams
full of these ultra hench donkey-dick sausages!!

Dude went on SUPER bate!!

Wanna know something crazy?

He wasn't the only one..

I seen at least three dudes double fisting them joints,
walking around with a sausage in each hand, NO bread,
fuckin' PLAYIN' themselves..

FUCK that..

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