Thursday, 7 March 2013


Tuesday night..

My bunkie is making salut below..

It's been a pretty good day today..

I been getting my weight up this year
and in due course my chest and wings have
got a lot bigger.

The working out is easy for me but the fucking
dieting is what fucks me up!!

Our allocated food is BEYOND poor..

Mostly rice and beans..

I mean it's GOOD if you enjoy shitting on your bunkie
and farting dead in his face when he bends down to
get in his locker, but overall, very bad if you're trying
to get cut up on the workout tip..

I can't afford to buy pure tuna's from the store as it's mad expensive
and it'd be a good guess that surviving off nothing but cereal and apples
isn't going to be a wise move for me either no?

I been RINSING bagels recently too!!

What started off as a once a week treat has now
become a daily affair.

Before my bunkie got fired he was working in the kitchen
so we would have a few extra each day but now they're just
giving them away every morning so there's shitloads of them
about the place..


Two bagels a day cannot be a good thing right?

I got one in my bucket..

It's calling me..

Fuck that i know it's no good for me..

Eating a bagel at midnight.

Very stupid.

Im'a fuck with some cereal and warm milk instead..

Just gotta make sure i got enough toilet paper first incase things get braizy..

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