Saturday, 9 March 2013

Early morning gutterals

 The coffee detox is over.

A Russian/Estonian gave me half a cup this morning,
that turned into me ticking a couple scoops from a Canadian this afternoon for the roof,
finalizing in me being given 40% of a bag by a forever-grinning guy from Harlem this evening,
it is not almost one in the morning and i am sat up cross-legged, wide awake, burning through
page after page of crappy unoriginal lettering that is, if I'm honest, a poor mans mixture of the
styles of Nakz (Germany)/Suede/Peno/Hoover but done with very little finesse and skill..

It's helping me pass the time though.

In the background..

Some Turkish guy is shredding the hell out of an acoustic guitar..

It reminds me of being with my parents in Turkey,they have all these dope little restaurants dotted around the centre of town
were we would go out to eat on the cheap, they bring you fresh pita bread to
your table with all this locally made butter and dips, i listen to this radio show
every Thursday that plays Middle Eastern music and it always makes me think
of being back in Turkey and all the good stuff they have out there.

The only other thing on the radio right now..

I'm really not in the mood for right now..

All in all I've got about four pages banged out in front of me.

More or less the same outline plastered again and again with little variations on it,
a few extra little sticks with claws poking out the sides, some big diamond highlights floating around,
little pieces breaking off or some looking like they're covered in Sludge, to cut a long story short,
the same bullshit slightly tweaked to give the appearance that I've drawn something new and not the
exact outline with a different gimmick or effect thrown in.


I'm a little stuck at the moment as far as sketching goes,
i don't have access to any colored pens or pencils and I'm DAMN sure not asking
any of the MUGS that do have them if i can borrow them as they'll just lie or say no,
I'd really like to just start sketching with colors and no outline at all on some real kiddie
drawing type shit but i can't really do that as I'd like right now so it's back to the regurgitations..

I did actually knock out one of them BIG ass sketches earlier.

Them one's with the ultra thick outlines that take about a thousand years..

I was given the instructions of writing the name Marissa for my friend Green but i didn't
like the idea of that and the name was too long so just wrote HIS name instead,
he also specifically asked for it to be girly and have lots of hearts flying around but i didn't
like the idea of that either so just draw it all in thick black ink and made it look very
aggressive instead with no hearts and colored all the letters in with thick black patterns..

Safe to say he didn't like it.

It's ok though..

At least i got to sit down and put some effort into sketching something
I'll probably end up sending it out next week if i can get hold of some stamps.

If you wrote to me recently im'a send you one of those crappy sketches too?

How about that?


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