Monday, 11 March 2013

March 11th 2013

In September of 2010 i was arrested by the Secret Service in Brooklyn,
since then i have been held in the pre-trial Metropolitan Correctional Center
in New York City.

A couple of months after my arrest i was asked to put together a piece of writing
for a freinds University course. I wrote a couple of pages describing how i was arrested
and brought into this building and without much thought sent it to a close friend of mine
who lived in South London.

People seemed to enjoy it so over the following months i started to write some more,
talking about what i got up to in New York City and also what was happening to me in prison
and how i was dealing with being incarcerated in a foreign country. My friend then took the
text i sent her along with some music and photos from my time in the street and put it all
together in the format of a blog.

What initially started as a fried young man venting his frustrations into a jailhouse computer
turned into an opportunity to question how my life had got me here and most importantly
how to do better in the future.

During this time i have been humbled by the amount of people who have contacted
me from different countries offering their support. I am truly grateful for everything that
people have done to help me through this difficult period of my life and it is important
that you know just how much i appreciate people reaching out to me..

Hopefully i can do a much better job of explaining exactly how much
it's meant to me in person one day instead of just as text on a screen..

"..Whatever happens you're gonna be good're gonna be good..."

"..Cos' guess what dog? There ain't no alternative.."

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