Wednesday, 12 December 2012

You see my tiger?

I don't know what to do with myself this evening.

I'm very tired but there's too many people outside the cell an i am
really not in the mood to be fucked with tonight..

As i missed Fifty Friday i made up for it today,
knocking out three hundred sets of pull-ups in about
two hours.

I've also been up since six in the morning listening to reggae..

People keep coming to the cell to talk to me.

I don't want to talk.

These people are coming with good intentions
but it's not going to be a healthy or productive conversation and
I'm really not in the mood to be going down that road right now.

-How unfair all of this is..

-What they're being charged with..

-How unprofessional their attorney is behaving towards them..

-That a private attorney has claimed to get amazing results
as long as they pay a ridiculous amount of money for their service..

-If i know what their judge is like and what kind of sentences
they are known for handing out..

Then after all that i am asked for my opinion.

During doing so i can just see on their face that as I'm not
telling them exactly what they want to hear they're just blanking
me out and not listening..

Just waiting for me to stop speaking so they can try and
convince me I'm wrong and that they're right..

"Yeah but.."

There is no point..

I mean just look at who you're talking to!!

I'm in here for some meatball shit!!

Despite years of fighting..

Working harder at this than anything else
in my entire life combined times ten..

I still have no idea when I'm coming home.


So i can't help you..

There is nothing for us to gain huddling in a small toilet
going back an forth about just how bad our lives
are and the impossible task that we have been
given to get back to our lives.

Trust me..


I've done this..

I've done this for twenty seven months..

I've talked about the same things with hundreds of different people and the result is always the same..

You just feel miserable!!

I wish i could do something but there is no
answer i nor anyone else can give that will fix your
problems and lead you back to your family..

If there was..

We wouldn't all be here..


  1. keep on keeping on mate...we are all here listening, reading and thinking on what you got to say...

  2. "Thankyou it's greatly appreciated mate..Got about a month and a half
    before Judgement Day!! Prayers are welcome!! Tim"