Friday, 14 December 2012

You didn't open a new apple sauce stop lying

I don't know whether it's the cup of coffee
or the crappy pair of sewn together sweat shorts
that i'm wearing..

But it's fucking baking in here tonight.

The window is completely steamed up,
i can't see anything outside and there isn't much
to do but lay down on my back and rest my feet
on the wall..

There is some reggae on the radio.

So things could always be worse..

I may have mentioned this before,
but when i get exceptionally bored i start
to chop my clothing up an right about now
there is a pair of corny grey long johns sitting
in the corner of my bed.

What you think?

I've seen a couple of heads who's chopped the
legs off and made them into these ultra rude
floppy hats?

Imagine one of them sleeping caps or a Santa Claus
hat but grey and made out of some underwear.

Onetime i saw this big guy with dreadlocks
wearing a leg from some sweatpants on his
head as a hat.

He was Gangster for that one
but i don't think i could pull that one off..

Up until about a week ago i had this nice limited
edition shit-brown short sleeve shit.

admittedly the size was XXXL but i could still
pull it off with some big socks and a big pair
of shorts..


Someone asked if he could buy it.

I said no.

So this moron then proceeded to go around the unit
telling everyone that i looked like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman
whenever i would wear it..

"He look like he wearin' his boyfreinds shit"


But yeah now i'm in need of something new.

I think im'a let the long johns live for now,
it's getting colder and as i don't know what's
going to be happening in the next few months
it might make sense to hold on to them.

Plus i did actually get a brand new
mustard brown t-shirt the other day.

An it's a really good fit too..


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