Monday, 17 December 2012

in Carshalton AND Benhilton..

Even though I've been using gloves and grips
my hands and fingers are covered in blisters
from the pull-up bar.

Every Friday i've been doing fifty sets with this Jamaican dude
but i missed it last time to go on the roof, so instead i knocked
them out yesterday and today is supposed to be my day off.

But as always i get bored and if i walk past
some people that are working out they usually
ask me why i'm not working out and then i do
in fact end up working out.

So yeah..

That's what happened today.

No need to get moody about it though,
at least out of all the bullshit i COULD be doing in here
it's something that can only result in something good right?

I didn't go mental either we only did about twenty sets
and some pushups..

A few dips..


It's just about coming upto the third
winter i've been in this facility. I don't look
at this part of year as being any different from
the rest. I know there's a few dates on the calendar
but let's be real they ain't anything that i actually can
fully participate in so why pay them any mind and
now i'm used to just getting on with it anyway..

Gotta be said though my first winter
in jail fucking SUCKED!!

I didn't know WHAT the fuck was going on,
had no idea of the actuality of my situation and
was still holding onto whispy hopes that i might
get bailed out of here and have a fighting chance
with all this..

Back then the idea of spending Christmas or
New Years or any kind of 'festive' holiday in prison
was pretty grim. With time you get used to it and
adapt so now i don't even acknowldge dates like
that on the calendar. If i'm going to get pissed about
being in here i might aswell be pissed PERIOD instead
of just on Christmas and New Years but no that is
not a good look..

Not for me..

I guess ONE thing to look forward to is the fuck-off hench
bag we get a week or two before Santa Comes up in this
motherfucker, it's got all kinds of munch and tea and bullshit
in there but most importantly these little pouches of peach
body scrub that i bust out whenever i need to clean my sneakers..

Or feel like scrubbin' up for a visit..

I'd like some clarification of whether
peanut butter sandwhiches is bad for you?

Like as in if you eat them really late?

It's widely known that the majority of advice
that's dribbled out in here concerning diets and
exercise regimes is pure shit and i've asked this
question many times with many various responses..

Considering i eat them all the time
i'd like to know if it's bad or not.

For example..

I have a couple of sandwhiches in front of me in a small
bowl with a crack on the bottom.

I didn't make the crack someone else did,
then claimed they didn't do it, going as far as shouting,


Asif that is some kind of lie detector test or proof
that he isn't talking pure shit..

But yeah there's two of them sitting there, slightly microwaved,
next to a cup of coffee i have balanced on top of a Best of Style File,
there's no jam or 'jelly' in them just straight up raw dog peanut butter
on brown bread.

Ever since i was little i used to eat my sandwhiches like this,
my mother would make them the exact same way ever day for
school in my pack lunch and i never got bored of them.

When i'm tired or feeling a little shitty it always
puts me in a better mood..

Even in jail..

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