Saturday, 22 December 2012


The last couple weeks have been good.

Despite the somewhat disappointing news that
my sentencing has been pushed back to late January
i really haven't had any reason to complain.

I have been fitting more activities into
each day, some creative projects I've been
working on have started to come together,
people have been sending me letters and
Christmas cards through the mail..


-SL <send me a return address mate>












Thank you to the people who are checking for me
at the moment.

I always love to hear from you and you should
be receiving something in the mail soon..

Life isn't too bad at all.

I'm in relatively good shape, staying productive
and trying to still use my creative talents here and there,
my parents and loved ones are healthy and not unnecessarily
worrying about me..

Time is passing well.

I still get bi-weekly periods where my energy levels
get low and whatever i have been using to keep me inspired
starts to seem a little distant and out of reach..

But it's expected.

After all..

Life would get pretty boring if everything went to plan no?

If every single day was spent in complete comfort
with nothing to work towards, no goals, however decadent
your lifestyle might be it would inevitably get mundane and
boring or at the least you would grow unappreciative of
what you have at hand each day..

A little test to see how you deal with a difficult circumstance
can only lead to a better knowledge of your own capabilities.

I've found it very productive to, instead of seeking relief,
trying to focus on what i can do today to make sure whatever
is bothering me is not about tomorrow and if i can't do anything,
then i need to keep my mind occupied until the feeling passes.

A little period of difficulty is good.

At times when i am feeling low or un-motivated i can stop for
a moment, take some time to reflect on my life and the things
i take for granted, think about the people around me in worse
off situations than me, what they would give to swap their
problems for mine..

(imagine never going home from jail)

Life is very good right now.

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