Wednesday, 4 April 2012

It's 19-90-12

"Timdog if you can buy milk outside, why would you keep a cow in your house?"


"Son, you look 19 years old, don' ever fuckin' cut your beard that short"

"Yeah? Most people tell me it looks better!"

"That's 'cos n****rs want you to look sexy, like Beyonce"


"Yo my n****r, i ain't done SHIT! I'm chillin', i see cops rollin' up so i drop the hammer,
these motherfuckers throw me up on the wall, find the hammer, an try sayin' it's MINE,
how the FUCK is that my shit.."


"No you wouldn't. I've had Streetfighter since it came out on the SNES, that's, like, 1990,
like 20 years ago or some shit, you wouldn't."

"fuck all that shit my n****r, This is 19-90-12 motherfucker!"


"Look at these two wrinkled up crackers"


"Bunkie, you know why woman talk so much? Because they have a four lips"


"My back hurts. I was running. In the cemetery. Somebody wasn't dead, he woke up. It was chaos."


*someone farts in crowded, warm surroundings*

"N****r is wilin' out man! unbelievable!"


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