Monday, 30 April 2012


As the months roll by,
I feel that instead of being seen as an entity of source living
through the human instrument in a three-dimensional, five-sensory
context, able to peer deeply beneath the surface reality of
life and experience how intricately connected every life form is
and how this composite of life is intelligent far beyond the human
instruments capability to both percieve and express..

Perception of said entity and its limitless capabilities gets restricted
to a characature that is solely based on past actions and the external
observing entities personal desires for said character
and it's future destiny.

Life is busy..

Prison is not.

You got plenty of time to think..

Enough time to peer beneath the surface reality of life and percieve and
express your own personal interpretations of the universe..


Enough time to ponder ones choices in order to propel yourself from
origin to destiny and re-emerge into an expanded version of source reality,
with a renewed vision of your own identity.

How long does it take to fulfill such an endeavour?

I'd say it is reasonable to expect that its completion is yet so distant to me
that to attach measurement is simply a feeble attempt at estimating the unknowable.


Jokes aside..

To really experience another human beings' changing
emotional state you have to experience their energy.

My use of language is nowhere near to even beginning
to articulate or interpret my reality, i can only interpret reality
through my personal abilities to percieve and express
lifes dimensional depth and limitless intelligence.

No man has been able to articulate life's dimensional
depth and breadth with the tools of language.

They can, at best, describe their interpretations or impressions.

Language is a tool of limitation, feeling, on the other hand,
is an antidote to limitation that permits the human instrument
to leap over the boundaries of the logical mind and witness first hand the
worldless power of collective energy individuated.

Althought i am grateful to have such modern means of
communication as email, telephone and letters, it is no
substitute for human contact of the physical form..

I think i need some coffee..

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