Thursday, 26 April 2012

Garlic Soup

Today i was really feeling like shit..

I was literally hangin' out my fuckin' asshole..

Woke up at about four in the fuckin' morning with
a bladder full of piss, it was real cold too..

Didn't take long for me to realize that my throat
was SUPER fucked, couldn't sleep for hours after
that either..

Head was pounding..

All my joints felt rusted..

It fucking SUCKED.

I did FINALLY drop off into a deep sleep around 7am..

From what i recall i dreamt i was in Turkey with my parents,
it was real cool but didn't last very long as i got woke up by
an astronomical smash, someone took it upon themselves to
punch my matress with brute force an accompany it by shouting,


Thing is though,
when i opened my eyes an focused i wasn't pissed as all i saw
was a big bowl of soup an someone that gave a shit that i was ill,
an wanted to help me..

"Here kid, fuck this shit up"

-Two packs of chicken noodles
-One clover of garlic
-Crushed up saltine crackers
-Boiling water

Oh an a glass of ice water to wash it down, that shit really helped,
i'll admit i wasn't hungry in the slightest but still, he made it,
least i could do was eat a little didn't taste too bad either!

I think this was around eleven in the morning,
after it's consumption i literally slept (on and off) until SIX
in the evening! Crazy right?

People kept comin' in to check on me throughout the day too,
one dude brought me a bag full of tea bags, another a couple shots of coffee,
others just made an appearance, spat some stupidity, then left..

"Move over n****r! You got room for two up in the motherfucker!"



Anyways when i finally awoke, again,
i was greeted by ANOTHER bowl of soup..

-Two packs of chicken noodles
-Pieces of chicken
-One clove of garlic
-Too much butter


The butter was too much,
even yammin' it slowly with lots of sips a water,
every spoon had me seconds away from barfing all
over the table..

"Yo you better eat all that shit! Make SURE that silly n****r finishes
ALL that fucking shit!"


I tried.

I really did.

The combo of bare garlic an butter was too much,
i think i managed about half (quarter) of the bowl then
with expert timing, dashed the rest in the toilet..

By this point i was starting to feel a little better..

I pulled myself out of bed, got dressed an went
for a brisk evening stroll..

After checking an sending a few emails,
i went an chilled with an Austrian dude who
i'm pretty cool with..

He's real funny..

"Hey Teemy, wha's poppin'?"


One of my freinds, a dude from the Bronx,
has been teaching him slang for the last
few weeks..

"Wha's crackin' jack?"

"Nothin', wots good with you?"

"I can(t) call, I can(t) call it Teemy,
if i call it i might'a spoil it"



Time to really fix up..

Shower an a shave..

(an a shit)

While standing under the water,
scrubbing my back, crack an balls with a bar of soap,
i couldn't help think back to a time when i would be
washing myself with an actual SPONGE..

I remember i used to have this fuckin' DOPE pistachio
show gel, shit used to smell sooo good, i remember i would
just stand there smelling the motherfucker..

Compare that to a prison shower and a bar of soap..


Time to shake that dumb shit off,
keep on keepin' on..

A fresh pair of clean clothes.

-xxl sweatpants
-large thermal long sleeve t-shirt
-retarded facial expression

A shave.

An a little bit of hair gel..

I look, feel and smell a hell of a lot better,
i'm standing in front of the mirror admiring my handywork..

I look good!


An here i am..

Hours later..

Sat cross-legged on my rug,
admiring the remnants of a cold cup of coffee,
enjoying the peaceful silence that comes with being
awake at three in the morning.

I've been asleep for most of the day,
i'm not even remotely tired..

Not in the slightest..

At least there's some good tunes on the radio.

Oh dear..


"erm i think it's two"


" want me to cut the light out?"


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