Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Bosh Some Garys

Another day down.

It's almost midnight.

I'm sitting on my bed listening to some obscenely rubbish
R n B.

I like to take a shower just before we get in,
it helps me to relax and wind down after a day
of pure bullshit.

I washed my blanket and bedsheet today too.

I think we have an inspection tomorrow,
if you're shit ain't spick and span,
they throw you in solitary confinement.

Situations like that,
one tends to avoid at all costs.

I got bored earlier this week,
and in a moment of madness,
decided to cut up most of my clothing.

Now all my tshirts have no sleeves,
and i am sporting a pair of sweat pants
which resemble a pair of the incredible
hulk's shorts.

Pure rudeness.

Today hasn't been to bad to be honest.

The only low point was having to call one
of my freinds who is currently in Paris.

Today is shop day,
and my account was dryer than my sex life.

I was expecting a few pounds from someone but it didn't
materialise in time, and things where looking critical,
so in a last ditch attempt to save me from a week of pure
beef i called my buddy to see if she could save the day!

By the time i had paxed my way through untold goons to get
on the blammer, it was pretty late.

I think it was about 4am where she was,
and i woke her up.

I'm sorry.


Other than that,
today has been pretty hassle free.

Managed to get on the computer and send some
slippery mispelt emails to a few unlucky souls
dotted around the globe,
which was nice!

I woke up in a bit of a funk today though.

It's only natural, given the obvious.

Luckily for me,
i was blessed to be able to make a cup of tea
and read some really good advice and inspirational
words from a good freind that had the positive effect
of putting me back on the straight and narrow.



Most of the questions i have in life,
i already know the answers to.

One of my flaws, however,
is that i doubt myself.

Smoking an unadulterated amount of trees over
the last few years definitely added to this.

Since i've stopped smoking trees,
my confidence in my actions, potential and
ability to make intelligent, thoughtful decisions
on my life has slowly returned..

..but it never hurts to get a second opinion

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