Sunday, 10 July 2011

50 Dent

The tier is pretty empty.

On the weekends,
the powers that be pacify the inmates for
the evening like children, by showing a movie.

but no thankyou.

I'm waiting for my food to settle,
then i'm going to do some exercise.

Ten sets of pushups, pulls, nothing
remotely impressive.

Until then, i'm organising my photo album.

It's mostly photos of family, special freinds (you know exactly who you are)
and a few shots that i like from my time in New York and overseas.

Thanks to one of my old buddies, i have some re-arranging to do
and some very nice new additions to add to my collection..

I started writing graffiti in around 2003.

For the first few years,
i more or less only painted on my own.

I'll be honest, back then, i used to drink.

A lot.


I'd pack a bag full of beer and paint,
and wouldn't come home until i had emptied
the bag or the sun had come up.

This resulted in two things.

The first being a shitload of throwups in a very
short amount of time, mostly on shop shutters.

I've always had a thing for painting fill-ins on shutters,
i'm not quite sure why either.

I guess it's fun,
you're trying to listen for approaching footsteps, cars
and clock whether the people who live above the shop
in question dun start throwing shit out the windows
or turn Superprick and try catch mans..

Sometimes they try and do that.

It's long.

the second thing that resulted in this beer and aerosols combination, i turned into a fatso.

It wasn't cool.

I looked like i was expecting.

After a short period of time,
most of my ends was covered in very sloppy throwups
and bone crunchingly slippy reaches.

Practically all of my freinds i used to hang around with loathed graffiti.


One of my freinds who i used to regularly, brutally violate at pro evo (8-0)
told me about a freind of his that writes and had been asking about me,

I'd heard of him, seen him up,
dude was about his business.

A week or so later,
we linked up and it was all go from there.

The years that followed,
me and this guy would paint as much as possible,
whenever possible.

I was ULTRA toy when i met him,
and i feel like in the years we spent painting
together i learnt a lot from this guy.

He's a good dude,
and i'm proud to call him on of my freinds.

Earlier this week,
i'm waiting for the daily disapointment fest
that is the 'mail call'.


That means me!

I skank over to this barely coherant hairy faced
excuse for a woman and beaming up at me from
her greasy pube-clad hands i see a letter flossing
a name that instantly makes me smile..

I open it up to find a really nice letter,
some DOPE sketches and a stack of flicks that
now take pride of place in my photo album.

Thanks buddy.

keep em coming.

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