Wednesday, 13 July 2011

July 13th 2010

Today would have been my one year wedding anniversary.

Not quite how i thought i'd be spending it,
surrounded by cartel bosses, gang bangers and
perpetually sweating, conniving, snivelling weazels,
but it is what it is..

I had a lot of trouble finding the right ring..

Press Play

I spent a good few days running around the diamond district
in Manhatton, all to no avail.

Most of the stores i went in, if my arms were not covered,
i'd get spoken to like pure riff-raff.

A scallywag.

These utter mugs would sarcastically smirk when i told them
my price range, what i was looking for or chuckle when i asked for prices.

Returning to their store with a super soaker filled
with piss would've wiped that smile away
REAL quick.

Prices aside, nothing actually took my fancy.

I wanted something unique and tasteful,
something with meaning behind it,
not just a rock with a hefty price tag.

So i sent a kite to Turkey..

One day, girl wasn't feeling very well and we were very hungry,
so i took a walk to Williamsburg to pick up some dinner.



I was waiting outside the restaurant listening to
some Stevie Wonder, probably a joint off Talking Books,
an noticed the opposite building to where i was pirched
had a dope looking roof.

I made my way upto the top floor, an opened up the fire escape..

I was right.

This place was dope.

It had couches, barbeques, chairs, all kinds of shit,
and the view was really nice..

Months passed,
then one day i woke up and said to myself,
i'm going to propose.

That simple.

Well..the slurpy blowjob from the night before was more
than likely a contributing factor, but that's besides the point..

Before i left to go pick up girl from her job,
i quickly dashed to the store to get some candy.

Press Play

Strawberry sour laces and tropical skittles.

Girl loved sweets.

I would hide packs around the yard.

Under fitteds, in draws, on top of shelves,
in cupboards, anywhere i could think of.

"Yo can you have a look under that fitted
for my wallet?"


Girl's job was only a few blocks away,
she worked in the kitchen of some bar making
burgers an chips.


Not fries, chips.

The food was ultra rude,
and was the definitive reason i was
carrying so many spare tires
upon my incarceration..

After meeting her outside an giving her a kiss,
she handed me a very strong cup of Jack an Coke,
an we shared it on our short walk home together.

I open the door to our apartment building,
and suggest she checks the mailbox..

"How did they get there!?"

We get upto the apartment,
it smells like a mixture of incense and cannabis..

At least it was tidy..

Around lunchtime i had smoked a joint,
put on some Al Green, yellow washing up gloves,
and cleaned the yard from top to bottom.

By that i mean most visible places in the yard.

Press Play

The bedroom was full of clothes, and since we broke the bed
not much time was spent in there anyway.

Working in a kitchen leaves one rather fragrant and greasy.

Time for a shower..

The 9 months we lived in that apartment,
we didn't own a kettle.

After i put girl in the shower,
i threw some water in a pan and put it on to boil.

Minutes later,
i've made us some tea.

We sit down, drink some tea and talk
about how her day went.

I tell her we should go out tonight,
and to dress up real nice.

i'm in a new fitted, a fresh pair of jeans and some new sneakers.

Girl has put on a really pretty dress, her favourite beat-up old boots
and has her hair done really nice.

She looks beautiful..

Time to go!

I thought it would be nice to start the evening off at a
particular bar in Williamsburg.

We had gone to this place a few times when we first
started dating..

When i was living in Maspeth,
for a long time i felt very isolated.

I didn't know anyone,
was staying in a strangers home in what can
only be described as ultra skiddy living conditions,
and spent most of my time on my jaes.

Things changed when i met the girl.

I started to look forward to leaving work
and returning to my tiny rented room.

I had someone to share it with.

After work we would head to this bar,
then jump on a bus back to mine.

Of all the things that crappy room didn't have,
we had eachother.

It meant a lot having her there to share
that period in my life..

..After knocking back many tequila and beers,
we leave the bar and start walking towards Bedford Avenue.

Since coming to New York,
i hadn't eaten steak in over a year.

For some reason i really fancied a steak that night.

Perhaps i was thinking of my father, who knows,
either way it resulted in me taking girl to a swanky restaurant,
and ordering a steak.

As the meal was wrapping up,
i felt i had enough courage to dun the dance
i had set out to do that night.

Press Play

Payed the tab,
bombed the bathroom,
and left.

I took a quick bop down the road and eyed up the entrance
to the rooftop..

I noticed someone leaving,
so dashed through the door before it closed.

Girl followed.

We made our way up the stairs to the top floor.

The whole staircase was completely bombed to fuck,
as we climbed to the top, each floor got a new addition.

..nice to think that those reaches might be still there..

We busted open the fire escape,
and strolled out onto an empty roof..

Heads just left.

There was still smoke rising from one
of the barbeques and the smell of beer, bourbon and
lingering wafts of bullshit still hung in the air..

I jumped over a fence onto the adjacent building.

Girl followed.

I took her by the hand and walked to the corner
of the roof, overlooking Bedford Avenue..

It was a hot summers evening.

Bright lights from dive bars and bodegas below,
passing taxis, drunk idiots shouting in the street,
i remember it clearly..

She stood there smiling at me.

Girl looked beautiful.

Same wide-eyed way she smiled
at me the first night we got together.

Girl always stood with her feet pointing inwards.
It looked goofy as hell but for some reason i thought it was cute.

Looking down at her beat-up old boots,
i saw those silly feet staring back up at me.

The roof was dirty as hell,
caked in a thick layer of black muck
which was now imprinted onto my jeans
as i got down on one knee.

I dug deep into my jeans' pocket,
all the while holding her hand telling
girl how much she meant to me..

Despite how the broad turned out,
it's a memory i will always treasure.

It was perfect.

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