Thursday, 2 May 2013


Around a year or so ago while i was being held on the 9th floor of the Manhattan Correctional Facility i was blessed with some mail,

Inside a plain US Postal envelope was four issues of The Infamous which to anyone outside of the United States is a very good graffiti magazine that has a lot of very good interviews with PROPER writers, good quality pieces, a hefty chunk of the magazine dedicated to DEEP hand styles and street bombing plus a load of nice freights and productions thrown in throughout,

Usually my reading habits don't stray far from European subway magazines with no text, heavily-used copies of Straight Stuntin' and the occasional issue of Subzero magazine,

To read a PROPER magazine that had some ARTICLES in it was a welcome change to all the smut and photos that have been burnt into my retinas over the past thirty two months and the fact that i actually read all of the text in the magazine is testament to how well put together it was..

Sadly when my mail was frisbee'd out of the CO's bubble i clocked that someone had kindly stripped it of any identification of the sender which was more than likely down to the ever-reliable male and female employees of the Manhattan Correctional Center Mail Room..

Most mail i received during this time had the tell-tale signs of tamperation, more often than not it was the scent of whisky-infused breath deeply embedded into my fouled correspondence that not only gave away that someone had been taking out their worldly frustrations on a random inmates mail but that the individual who was doing so clearly moonlighted at an animal shelter performing anal falacio onto constipated stray dogs until prostatal relief had been achieved.


After a little detective work, by that i mean me asking someone to do some detective work, i found out that it was actually the editor of The Infamous who had been kind enough to bless me with those magazines and since then we have not only become friends but he has been extremely helpful and  supportive of me while I've been locked up in the United States Federal System.

Sadly at some point over the past year or so one of the magazines co-founders had been diagnosed  with cancer and as one might TRY to imagine, that comes with a HUGE amount of emotional and  financial difficulties which in due course led to the magazine being put on hold.

Thankfully he has has now gone into remission and the people at The Infamous are now in  the process of trying to put together a new issue and get it published but they are in need  of a little help in getting the necessary funds to get back up and running and have put up a Kickstarter page below where you can donate to their cause,

I can personally say from re-reading the copies i have a BILLION times from front to back that this is a very good magazine and not only that it is put together by good people.

It would be very kind of you to checkout The Infamous Kickstarter page and donate something to help them get back on their feet and in doing so you can get your hands on anything from signed copies of the magazine to custom artwork and limited edition prints, whatever you can spare is appreciated and like i said it's a deep magazine!!

So please go donate and buy it.

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