Friday, 17 May 2013

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Thankyou for the letters and emails you sent me recently..



-Adam Fl.








If you're wondering why the paper i sent you looks a little smudged or smeared it IS NOT because of something shady!!

I have a couple of new jailhouse colognes and i thought you might like it..

In a couple of the letters i recieved there were some photos of people wearing the shirts that my freinds in Last Witness were kind enough to put together for me!!

This was really cool thankyou!!

To think that there might be people around the world wearing a t-shirt that has my fucking prison number on it is BEYOND surreal so to see your photos was an extremely humbling experience.

I never imagined that they would have been recieved so well and i'd just like to say how much i appreciate the support that you are showing me.

Although the shirts are currently sold out i hope to put together something new some time in the near future.

People keep asking me at the moment whether i still have internet access and the answer is yes..

I can still send and recieve emails but i've been having a bit of trouble writing in this facility.

People stand behind you when you're typing and it's extremely off putting especially when you're attempting to write more than,


So instead of winding myself up at the computer screen tapping away for hours of each day i've been writing stuff down on paper, throwing a couple dabs of muslim oil on it, wrapping them in a few pages of crude letters and throwups then dashing it in the mail.

It's easier that way..

I picked up the bad habit of spending WAY too much time editing what i write on the computer and as it costs about two dollars for every fourty minutes you spend on here it makes sense that i find some other way to just put thoughts to paper.

People have told me that my hand writing is very hard to read though?

Is that really the case?

If it is let me know so i can work on it..

Just incase i didn't make that clear enough yes i can still recieve and send emails.

So please send me some..

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