Sunday, 13 January 2013

He used tea leaves an mixed it

I've just finished another day fasting.

This is the second day I've done so this week..

It's probably noticeable that i go through good periods
and bad periods during my bid. This is only natural as sometime's
my energy gets low but when i fast i KNOW that my energy is going
to be somewhat depleted and i also am aware that the day after i
fast I'm going to feel really good. So it struck me that perhaps i should
give it a try fasting every other day. That way i know exactly when the
challenging days are coming and it will be easier to deal with..

At least that's the plan anyway.


I slept until about mid-day today too which is a very rare occasion,
nobody came and woke me up, just slept for hours upon hours and
i think it's been weeks in the making. I needed it. Plus it gives me
an excuse to really go hard with all the working out and other things
that I've been putting off due to lack of rest recently..

It's just past ten thirty in the evening right now.

As always I'm sitting cross-legged on my prayer rug,
enjoying a cup of coffee with a few spoons of cocoa that I've
been throwing in recently.

It gives my life a little spice.



Yeah i know..

There's some English girl singing on the radio.

I've heard her before..

What's different is that she's actually doing an interview
on this show called The World Cafe and I'm finding her
English accent really cute.

I think they said her name is Leona Lahavis..

I could be wrong..

But she sounds really cute!!

Am i right?

Or not?

It's pretty strange how as I've been raised in England,
I'm actually now finding the accent really attractive. All them years
being there obviously i didn't pay it no mind as it was MY accent but
after having my ears filled with American twang for all this time I'm
actually starting to really appreciate the lingo back in the big smoke.

As you might imagine after being in this country for a few years,
even before my arrest, my accent has slightly change. I don't notice
it until i call someone and hear their reactions to me talking shit down
the phone. Usually as i haven't spoken to the person I'm calling in a while,
sometimes even years, i try to be a little polite but with heads I'm more
comfortable with they bare the brunt of it..


I got on the phone earlier today and had an in-depth conversation
with a good friend across the Atlantic about the American obsession,
at least in the prison system, with bitches have huge asses. There is no
logic behind any of it and even if the bitch is buck ugly with a face like
Crime watch, as long as her ass is big, even if it's pure flab, they go crazy
for the girl no matter how much she looks like a dogs dinner..

But yeh it only just occurred to me..
Many hours later into the night..

That my effortlessly frequent and non-chalant use
of the word bitch and bitches might or even could
have been taken offensively.

Sorry about that..

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