Saturday, 5 January 2013

Big Shirley

"I'm thinkin' of takin' my son to the Shaolin temple
an just leavin' that lil mu-fucker there..come back an
get him when he's BAD n shit..sen' that lil' n****r a
cheque once a month..Word"

"A hen who had just lost her sight, and was accustomed to scratching
up the earth in search of food, although blind, still continued to scratch
away most diligently. Of what use was it to the industrious fool?
 Another sharp-sighted hen who spared her tender feet never moved from her side,
and enjoyed, without scratching, the fruits of the others labor.
 For as often as the blind hen scratched up a barley-corn,
her watchful companion devoured it." - FABLES, Gotihold Lessing 1729 - 1781

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