Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Mixed Doubles?

..Mans cant sleep for shit.

 Due to some problems downstairs (as in downstairs in this building, not my penis or asshole)
the shop that we get all of our products from, hasn't had any deliveries of coffee in around..

A while.

 Today though, they have re-stocked..

:D :D :D

 I've been drinking the strongest Columbian coffee all fucking day,
i think this is my fourth or fifth cup, it's like crack. Except cheaper, and i don't have
to burn my fingers lighting it :O !

..By the way, it's three in the morning..

 I'm frantically scanning the radio for some merk bars or beats,
but there isn't fuck all to my taste being blasted on this piece of shit..

 I glance out the window,
and i'm treated to the sight of a very rain soaked New York City..

..I miss the rain.

 It's been a hot minute since i've felt rain drops on my skin,
the thought of being outside right now in this downpour,
as always, is very fucking appealing indeed..

 When i moved to Maspeth, Queens,
my fat blob cunt of a cousin gave me a crappy pair or ultra bras trainers, possibly the only
thing he did do for me, the fat piece of shit wanker that he was..
 Anyhow, that obese piss smelling hoggle of an individual
is making me lose my train of thought..

..Trainers, yeah. i'd use them joints to go running in..

 Going for long ass runs in the rain was always fun,
especially with some decent tuneries to jam too on an
epic thunderstorm or downpour it's really dope going for some
epically uphill jog :D

It looks real peaceful outside.

The street below is completely empty.

 The warm glow of the street lamps are reflecting off the shimmering pavement..
..It's really nice!

 The beautiful view,
caffeine in my system and my overactive imagination
is preventing my exhausted mind and boy from some well needed rest..

Some nights i find my cellies snoring theraputic,
almost like waves crashing onto rocks.. helps me to drift off to a better place,
filled with freinds, loved ones and good people..

Tonight is not one of those nights..

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