Thursday, 14 April 2011


The outside world.
My view of it has not changed for a while now,
 from this poxy fucking window anyways..

 I was the same sheep going about their business
every bloody day..

..Scuttling back an forth to work,
breaking their backs to make money for people they
despise, who in turn despise them, until they croak.
 Picking peanuts out of dog shit with your front teeth
would surely be a more meaningful existence..

 One thing that has changed,
is the season. I believe it is now spring..

..Gone is the blanket of snow carpetting the streets below,
everything is clear, the sun is shining,
 and you can shove it all up your ass for all i care.
Considering where i am, none of it matters to me.
 I couldn't give a flying fuck what season it is,
it makes no difference to me, it's all irrevelant..

..It's all the same..

Nothing changes in here..It's groundhog day, but without Bill Murray an the creaseries..

..Same faces, idiots, dickheads,
food, clothes, sights, smells, experiences,
thoughts,'s all the same.

 It wasn't always this way..

 Around this time last year,
things were very different..

 I'd just finished my job as an office messenger.
The thought of taking some time off to explore my new turf
and soak up some of the local culture around my yard in Bushwhick
was very i did.

..This was a very hazy period of my life..

 I was very proud of my yard.

for the price, considering the location and size,
we were getting bumped.

despite its minimal space, paper thin walls and liberty
taking rental price,
 for a young couple like ourselves,
it was perfect :)

 As a messenger for an Audio Visual consultants,
i had been rushed off my feet running around the city
carting speakers, mixers, laptops and all kinds of silly
bollocks all over the place..but was happy doing it.

..But that was done and dusted.

It was time to kickback and jam,
an i was perfectly versed in how to achieve this task,
with flying colours.

 Since christmas i had been meaning
to pick up some new garms,

my parents were kind enough to send me some 'genuine fake' shirts
and jeans from Turkey, which got the ball rolling..
 On top of that,
spending some time with my girl in our new apartment and picking
up some fly shit to deck it out with was an exciting prospect..

I had the impression that i had all the time in the world.
 Clearly, that was not the case..

 I was in no hurry to get fuck all done,
other than indulge myself, to the fullest..

 I've always been a huge Supernintendo fan.

 My collection of Snes games in England
was truly of Biblical proportions, and moving
to New York just gave me an excuse to start
from scratch.

No problemo.

 Since moving to New York,
i've stopped watching television.

 By choice.

I really don't see the point.
 If there is a program or movie that i want to watch,
i'll do it online, or simply download it. it's quicker, i get to
watch exactly what i want, insted of wasting my time watching
endless drivel just because it's on an i have nothing else to do..
The telly our yard was flossing had no cable/digital bollocks, and was
purely rinsed on snes games..up until it prolapsed..

Someone actually believed the crude jokeries written on the side
and picked it up the next day thinking it worked..
 If that was you, sorry champ :)

 A quick bop to the local pawn store,
and in no time the rinse-a-thon/pure tiger uppercuts continued..

 This chapter of my life was rather unproductive,
but on a purely material level it was kind of jokes.

 I was clowning.
Most of my days were spent waking up to fried bacon
and blowjobs,

followed by a hazy day spent sketching,

smoking vastly unnsesecary quantities of cannabis
and hanging out on my fire escape..
Living in Bushwhick was such a crease,
at any time of any given day,
as long as you keep your eyes open,
there is always someone, somewhere,
 pulling pure fuckries..

 For a while,
i was pretty content.
 I was a horny 25 year old Englishman who
had made it all the way to New York City.
 My days were consisting of burning through
bottles of KY Jelly and weed with my wife,
racking paint, munching pure garbage (that includes the wife)
and generally running around on pure joketime..thinking real
life couldn't catch up with me.

All of the things i had learnt in Maspeth and Coney Island
were slowly being drowned out by sex, weed, alcohol and
an empty chick who simply told me what she thought i
wanted to hear..that i was happy and doing well in my life.

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