Thursday, 7 April 2011


..Just finished writing some letters.
 I always send a few sketches out too, so just wrapping them up n all..
Mans don't have access to plain paper, so if there's heads out there wondering
why i sent them a sketch on the back of a random email, no need for ponderations,
that's why :)

Chad, keep an eye out for the postman!

 Today has been as long as Larry Davids balls.
We don't get no mail on Sundays, or the weekend at all
for that matter..
 I always look forward to that time of day when call the
mail out..
 It's usually around six in the evening, after they have collected
up all the trays from 'chow'..
 Most of the time i'm not actually expecting anything, and don't
get jack diggedy squat either! least it's SOMETHING to look forward to though,
you get me!

When i do get mail,
it makes me very happy! :)

It doesn't really matter what the subject or topic of the letter
is about, thinking about how someone has taken the time out of
their day to send me something, it's really nice..
 Whether it's an old freind that i have lost contact with over
the years, a writer sending me some dope outlines, a freind from
the UK hardcore music scene,
 to new freinds that i have made since my incarceration in this
fucked up situation i find myself jamming in.
 The type of personal contact you get from a hand written letter,
cannot be underestimated..

 When i recieve a letter from someone i don't know,
from a country or place i ain't been to,
 it leads me to many thoughts. Thoughts such as wondering
what type of place where they when writing to me? At work?
Probably. Free Shipping :p

 When i am having bad days,
which is more often than not, a letter is like a little reminder
from the universe, a little hand on my shoulder,
saying in a comforting voice
"See? You're going to be ok buddy :)"
 Especially when it is from someone i didn't previously

 Being in prison is extremely detrimental to your self esteem
and self worth, i have spent countless nights staring out through
the bars in my window to the street below,
 pondering all kinds of stupid monkey shit.

if i'm a good person, why has this happened to me?
if i'm a good person, why was i hanging with the people i did pon road?
 Most importantly,
if the person that i trusted most in the world, someone that i shared my
soul with, someone that i promised to spend the rest of my life with..and
even more importantly, promised to be by my side through thick and thin,
can so easily abandon me in a situation as fucked up as this one,
 what kind of fucked up world am i living in?!
Or WAS i living in?

 For whatever reason,
people i have never spoken to before have felt the need to write to me.
 Whether it's just to say hello, tell me about themselves or just let me know
that there are people out there reading my story..
 It gives me faith. Not in god, myself or that i will get any kind of justice,
but faith in people.
 Whether it's a teacher in Belgrade, a bar worker in Nevada, writers in New York
or a student at University, it's contact with the outside world.
 It's a little reminder.

 You'd be suprised how much a small letter from a stranger,
telling you that there are people out there you've never met, who
are thinking about you, can change your outlook on life,
yourself and your future.

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