Thursday, 7 April 2011

Eto Muttwa

It is one in the morning.
 snow is falling outside.

 I'm sitting on my rock hard bed, on my waifer thin fleabitten mattress,
listening to some Brazillian jazz. Attempting to ignore the putrid smelling vapours
that are waffting upstream from below..
 My man has been on the boiled eggs today.

 Apart from that,
everything in the jail is quiet, serene and calm.
 No one is shouting,
arguing, fighting, swearing or any of the other monkey shit you
can expect to hear every second of every waking hour in this brain crumbling
pergatorious dump.

 All the drug dealers, gang bangers,
pirates, contract killers, street hustlers, mobsters and drug overlords
are all tucked up in bed..and like myself,
are dreaming of former glories and better days. I'm sure they'll come,
eventually, it's all a matter of when..

 My radio is busted.
Only one of the tinny headphones works, IF i hold the wire with pinpoint
accuracy at a certain angle. There's a dude that fixed them for a tuna, i'll
hit him up tomorrow..he claims he used to write too, so usually gives me discounts
and sets me pens n shit..
 flicking through the radio stations,
i have accidently come across some ultra garbage. It's a song by Rhianna,
singing about how she 'pulled da trigger' and 'shot a man down'. In a jamaican accent.

This epic display of retardation is way beyond my meager vocabularies discriptionary

 My cellie has just awoked from his slumber to kindly inform me that the one and
only David Icke is on the radio in the next few minutes! live!!

 I just finished reading his DOPE book 'Children of the Matrix' (SAFE JOSH),
i recommend anyone and everyone pick it up..
 The man is a genius among Lizards :D
Right now Dave is spitting all kinds of multi-dimensional shape shifting bars about
extra terrestrial reptillian dynasties, next level frequences, spiritual vibrations,
holograms of the flesh and all kinds of extra-terrestrial blams..
 He is explaining that the universe is an electrical grid, the sun is a projector of
information and draws its energy from the rest of the planets in the solar system,
 and how we are on the cusp of a new truth vibration


 To anyone American that might be reading this,
David Icke is doing a serious of 9 hour lectures in LA in the coming weeks,
i'd kill to see it (to the prison officials that read all my emails i'm joking)

 He finishes his talk by reminding us that we are all part of one multi-dimensional,
infinite consciousness. Dope.

if anyone feels like sending me any David Icke books, safe!

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