Sunday, 13 July 2014


It is a swelteringly hot Thursday afternoon,
crickets outside in the bushes are hissing away
like there's no tomorrow as sweat constantly runs
down my forehead,

I am pirched on a light coloured wooden stool
wearing a black pair of shorts that are covered in cat hair
and a pair of ankle length dark grey socks that are
coated with a thick layer of dust from the recent sand
storm we had a couple weeks back,

There are a few swimming pools here but i don't like to swim.

I feel stupid doing it.

Don't ask why..

As i'm writing this half of my weekly fast is almost done,
before i hop on my little japanese moped to go find some batteries
for an amplifyer that a good freind of mine from South London lent me,
 I want to share something with you..

so here goes..

Recently i managed to pick up some paperwork that i had
sent back before i left my prison in Manhattan and stumbled
upon a few choice words that struck a chord.



1 - Keeping calm, patient and professional
when dealing with your case

2 - Workout out, watching your diet,
getting rid of your belly

3 - Creating, writing in your books,
drawing, expanding your talents

4 - Mentally evolving,
becoming a better person,
learning, listening to others,
meditating, sharpening your

5 - Staying true to yourself,
having strength in your convictions

That is all.


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