Monday, 14 July 2014

-14th January 2012-


So easy to get distracted and fall off track..

So easy to be led away from healthy thoughts..

Conclusions and behaviors,


It is all a game created to break you,

Control you,

This is something that you are aware of
just stick to your guns Timmyboy..

Each day it is upto you and you alone
whether you win or lose,

Not them,

Disintigrating into a state of doubt,

worry and misery is a win for the wankers..

A day spent smiling, exercising,
listening to others, making people smile,
creating, learning, being true to yourself,

Is a loss for those cunts,

They KNOW this..

You have made it this far,

Things have only got better and better,

Have faith..

Don't judge others,

particularly your attorney and *********,

and also ***** ****,

These people know NO better,

It is NOT personal..

It is not a reflection of you timothy,

please remember this..

You can only ever do what you know,
expecting people to do anything else is wrong!

You do what you know,

or you try and learn how to be better,


An as you know..

You are (despite the conspiracy law) only responsible
for yourself, so be the best you can be, then fall back,
as there's no reason to sweat after that..

It is in the hand of god,

an he is considerably more capable at making
decisions than Timothy Ozer Guvercin..

You feel me?..

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