Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Mal Negocio

High up in the Pennsylvania mountains,
nestled in between a scarcely populated mostly racist Caucasian community,
at the end of a winding, privately owned road framed with friendly looking trees
lays the Moshannon Valley Correctional facility..

Inside two high fences packed to the top
with thick coils of razor wire and bird feathers
is just under two thousand prisoners from every
corner of the globe,

from your average piss poor drug runner without a pot
to piss in or a window to throw it at to Columbian dealers worth
literally hundreds of millions of dollars to elderly men that got caught
sneaking across the desert border to be with their wives and children,

You can see individuals that are happy to work for 7 cents an hour
in their mandatory kitchen employment, silver haired Cuban's that
lose thousands of dollars in REAL money every week in one of the
many prison casino's,

this is a place like no other,

A hill top brimming with human beings that have been incarcerated
en masse, costing the American tax payer fifty thousand dollars a year
for each prisoner, who will never actually have a chance to step on American
soil after they have served their time nor will be in any way shape or form
rehabilitated due to being held in a private prison..

Private prison?

A prison run by a company..

Not the government..

A prison that is run for profit..

Rumor has it this company was started by three investors..

-An Attorney

-A Judge

-A Prosecutor


Tell me if i'm bugging out..
But could it not be a conflict of interests?

-Your job is to defend people facing deportation,
you get paid by the people you are supposed to be
fighting and have taken an oath to be loyal to them..

-Your job is to decide whether an individual should be sent
to prison, how long and also whether they have been
wrongfully convicted..

-Your job is to build/fabricate a case with the intention
of giving someone as much time in prison as possible on
the behalf of the United States of America..

And you choose to invest in an company that confines
convicted felon's, for profit, that coincidently has an
exclusive contract with the American government who
is ALSO your official employer?

Perhaps i am bugging out..