Saturday, 10 November 2012

There been no sugar in 3 weeks

On one table,
four burly men are playing
a game of Risk.

Each man sits..


With his arms folded,
impatiently, talking NEXT reckless shit to the other players,
until it's his turn to scoop up the little red dice..

This is followed by a vulgar display,
obnoxiously shaking the dice for a COMPLETELY
unnecessary amount of time..

Popping even MORE shit..

Then dashing the dice with a pointless twist of the wrist
into the lid of the Risk box, while simultaneously clicking
fingers to symbolise they have rolled the dice with 'skill'..


One of the players is wearing a four XL t-shirt.

He has a very large scar across his temple.

An a very nice custom-made Yankees coffee mug
that just HAD some coffee with five sugars in it..

During the game there was a public relations incident.

Someone got their country invaded,
under less than commendable

He was SUPPOSED to be in what is known as an 'alliance' with another player,
this basically means they have agreed prior to the game that they will not
attack each other and will take out all the other players first..

But as always..

Shit didn't go to plan..

An one of the guys decided to purely violate
the other motherfucker an take him out the game..

"wid da fader"

Whatever the fuck that means..

This act of treason didn't go down well.

But the guy who got violated didn't actually retaliate.

He just bounced..

The other dude sat there with his arms crossed,
smiling ear to ear with his eyes barely open,
an just burst out the woo-woo-woo an kee-kee-kee's
in some NEXT high-pitched gravely voice..

It was pretty funny.

I didn't laugh though..

While laughing he raised both arms in the air
like a toddler waiting to be picked up..

An in the process..

He knocked over his coffee cup..

"There is much to be known, life is short,
and life is not life without knowledge. It is therefore an excellent device
to acquire knowledge from everybody. Thus, by the sweat of another's brow,
you win the reputation of being an oracle" - Baltazar Gracian

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