Friday, 9 November 2012

THAT n****r BUILT like that son

There is no hot water at the moment.

Most people are using this as an excuse not to wash.

I ain't goin' out like that!!

Soon as the di-zor popped this morning..

After cursing out some fuckin' TRAMP for
stunk out the room..

I firmly grabbed my Turkish balls..



-Sweatpants an draws

Then marched my ass** into the shower..

No point putting a foot or a hand under the water or an OTHER sucker shit..

Jus' G-up an run into the motherfucker!!


It's no problemo..

A minute of frantically spreading ice water everywhere,
quickly step out, get your breath back so you don't have a heart attack..

Then soap up that cock an balls!!

Using that bit of floor waxer/buffer that someone DIDN'T bus' you,
scrub all body parts, not forgetting to take extra care on nipples an dickhead
as you're using something that is primarily designed to scrape shit off
the floor..

Jump back under the water an rinse all that shit off..

Put some shampoo in your hair..

Step back in..

Wash all that shit off..

An you're good to go!!


The harrowing ordeal of an ice cold shower in freezing conditions is dead an gone.

You MIGHT come out the motherfucker looking like someone slapped fire out of you..

But at least you're clean!!


"That n****r got the Mork n Mindy ass!!"

"Silly n****r runnin' round with a CHIA pet in his ass!!"

" n****r Timdog look like Harry an the Hendersons when
that n****r be sittin' on the toilet!! Word!!"

"He got the weekend at Bernies ass!!"

"YO that film had me DYIN' son!! They was walkin' round VIOLATIN' n****rs with that dead motherfucker!!"


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