Thursday, 22 November 2012

I usually figure it out eventually

Use your blessings to remind you
of why you should be patient.


You can apply this to many
different situations and scenarios..

Think of all the things you have going on in your life.

Those moments in your day that are peaceful,
or perhaps those times that give you a little excitement.

From that first coffee and cigarette in the morning
to a ten minute lunch break with that much needed
cup of tea..

Little bits and pieces get us through each day,
as life is so fast we don't really acknowledge them as
anything but a part of a daily routine but take a bit of
time to think about how much enjoyment they bring you.

A couple of minutes in your day,
maybe a phone call you made to someone who sounded
happy to hear from your voice and made you laugh,
smile or simply brought a bit of comfort to your day.

If the time was taken to jot down each little piece,
from the simple fact of opening your eyes each morning,
to that warm feeling of knowing there's someone out there
who might take a moment of their day to think of you,
even just a warm ride on the train home to a cooked meal
or the availability of picking up a phone an ordering a curry..


No matter who you are in this world,
how much bread you've stacked or what you're doing with your life,
there is always someone out there who would trade places with you
in a heartbeat..

Someone who would LITERALLY
chop their arm off for your problems.

(I met someone who offered to do this who had 25 years to do..I declined..)

When we lose patience in any given circumstance,
i think it is down to us feeling that we have been violated,
like some injustice is currently being done towards us as we
should be experiencing or deserve our wish, want or request
to be fulfilled now rather than later on down the line.

This wish could be anything from a decision being made in
our favour, to a change or circumstance, even just a person
reaction towards us in a certain way that we do not
find pleasurable..

Taking a step back i have to ask myself,
who am i to dictate how that person should behave
towards me?

That they should hold the same views and ideas as me,
culminating as making similar decisions to me?

To expect or perhaps even demand that my satisfaction
is met at the cost of another mans obedience to my rules
instead of his or his ideals and thoughts being put on the
back burner seems kind of retard when i think about it..

Why WOULD he react how I'd like him to?

He's not.

So it's best to simply expect that from the get-go,
no matter whether i view it as right or wrong it doesn't
make any sense to let another's reactions to any given
circumstance effect the way i feel or behave..

It's best to just accept it and concentrate on my OWN actions
and responses rather than concern myself with mysteriously vague and
more often than not completely incoherent and unpredictable behavioue
of the next man.


Life is very short.

A lot of the time it can seem very complex..

(at least we MAKE it complex)

No need to at to it.

When i remind myself of all the positive things that i DO have in
my life it helps to ground me and avoid growing frustrated and
impatient with external circumstances, particularly things i have
no control over and really shouldn't desire control over..

Thinking about the good things i am blessed to have and
experience on a daily basis gives me perspective on whatever
situation i am in and how important it really is..

Building gratitude towards the life you have been given
can only be a good thing, if i can manage to feel content with
my existence while i am in here, that should help me in the future
when it's finally time to leave incarceration behind and come home.

"The first thing we can do is avoid self-condemnation or
the condemnation of those we perceive to be most responsible
for guiding us down the wrong path. Most of them did not mislead
us through malice, but because they, themselves, were misled.
 Over many lives we are all responsible for the misunderstandings
and lost spiritual truths of reincarnation, karma, the energy-system,
and a non-judgemental God. We should be seeking solutions,
not scapegoats." - David Icke

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