Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Sunday Night

I don't see stars outside my window.

The sky just looks blank,
drowned out by the lights of the city..

I see a couple of lights on in the building opposite me.

No one is there.

Everyone's asleep..

At home..

I know this as i've stared at the same fucking building
everynight for the past two years.

TRUST me..

There's no one there.

Maybe a couple of SG's working the night shift,
but that's about it..

I think i'd enjoy doing that you know..

Being in an empty building late at night..

I imagine it's very peaceful.


I'm around such loud noise all day long,
it's made me really appreciate the time i get alone.

Well not really alone..

You are never REALLY alone in here..

But i guess it's the times like now,
late at night, when the whole place is silent,
it's little moments like this that i really appreciate..

I lay back and place my feet on the metal wall,
and just stare at the ceiling..

Occasionally glancing out the window..

I let my thoughts run.

Do some exploring.

Sometimes they pick up speed..

Others just hit dead ends..

I'll revisit old topics, things that i've put to the back of my mind,
just to see if i feel differently or have something new to add to it..

I can do this for hours..

Sometimes my thoughts and memories frustrate me though.

When this happens?

It's best to just listen to the radio and take my mind somewhere else..

Or failing that..

Just go to sleep..

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