Monday, 6 August 2012

Interesting reading

"Your body is made of stardust. You are alive because
a star was born and died many billions of years ago; it gave you life.

 The iron in the hemo-globin in your blood travelled trillions upon trillions
of miles through space to play a vital rile in sustaining your metabolism.

 The iron in your blood is over 15 billion years old. In fact, you are a
re-incarnation of that dead star at a higher level of evolution.

The rocks, the earth, the animals, all the creatures on the earth plane,
are made of that same stardust."

"You're a part of a great evolutionary story.

Even though you're human, you haven't completely left the lower evolutions of,
say, animal; and you're not denied access to the higher realms of spirit,
because a part of you is already there.

In fact, you're spread across what may turn out to be countless dimensions
that are hovering  across eternity, growing, suspended in the greater understanding
of the perpetual, omni-present, infinite self." - Stuart Wilde

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