Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Sunday night too

Am i bugged out for simply putting peanuts in my peanut butter sandwich?


I didn't think so..

It's late..

A late Sunday night..

A HOT Sunday night actually!

It probably wasn't my wisest of decisions to sit here with sweat
dripping down my legs due to me flossing some chopped up sweatpants,
but my shorts are in my locker under the bed..

Last time i made my way down there to get something,
my brother farted in my face, so for now I'm just going to
brave the heat and enjoy not having to smell shit..

It's been a challenging few days recently..

This whole situation is SO so fucked,
so much more fucked than you can ever imagine,
at times it does get to me, things get very overwhelming
and i feel like it's a bit too much to take on..

What makes thing even more crazy is i KNOW no one will EVER
believe any of this shit that I'm going through..

What really has happened and continues to happen..

At least no one outside..

No one that hasn't been into the Federal System..

You might know someone who has been through this,
have a family member or friend that has dealt with this,
but until you've seen it for yourself..


Never mind.

A new week is beginning..

Tomorrow I'm going to try fasting for twenty four hours.

Let's see how that one pans out..

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