Saturday, 11 February 2012

Unarmed Combat

I like to run.


Always have.

Long distances? Steep hills?

No problemo..

I've taken this and tried to apply it to my bid.

We got roof?

I'm running..

Sub zero temperatures? Rain? Snow?


I'm still working on trying to get my body fat as low as possible,
hence all the running..

One day someone decided to physically stop me in my tracks,
pull his shirt off an flex an obscenely roided bicep in my face..

Timothy let knowledge be born..

"..i don't want to look like you.."

His proud toothless grin quickly morphed into an uneducated offended gurn..

"This what a n****r 'POSED to look like MOTHERFUCKER!"


There was an audience.

I had no choice but to shoot back.

"This what a motherfuckin' CRACKER 'posed to look like, quit jerkin' my motherfuckin' rec.."

He returned fire.


I'm out of ammo.

"My n****r, you's in the terrordome, you goin' to war you gonna need some motherfuckin' grenades"

Perhaps he has a point..

I have this desire to workout at the crack of dawn when i get out,
somewhere high up.

Roof top in London, mountain in Turkey,
doesn't matter..

I can picture it pretty clearly..

I'm wearing a vest,
my prison issue glasses an quite possibly sporting
a long beard..

I'm sporting a few more tattoos,
after all i'm planning on getting my hands, knuckles,
wrists, palms, neck and feet done upon release..

I imagine the London skyline,
grey, grimey an covered in a thick cloud of smoke..

I can taste the morning air..

It's cool, crisp air that i can feel entering my lungs like
a glass of cold ice water on a hot summer afternoon..

I see the my breath leaving my body,
like a cloud of thick smoke that takes with it all the dust,
dirt and horse shit i've had to inhale the last few years..

I can feel each bead of sweat dripping from my forehead,
each individual muscle stretching and expanding,
the gravel underneath my knuckles as i lift my chest from the floor,
it's a very vivid image that i carry with me..

The accuracy and realistic expectations of this fantasy are questionable.

But it's a nice image never the less..

"Only in the darkest of night can you see the stars" - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

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