Friday, 21 March 2014

Pretending to read

- The individual who explores his psyche can, and should, be committed to and guided by his god as well as continuing his active role in the physical world.

- Individual conscious

- Personal consciousness

- Collective unconscious

- Intimate contact with the material world

- Intimate contact with the spirit

- Conscience of the presence of divinity

- Psyche
  Divine source

- Metaphysical structure

- Three degrees

- Faith for the apprentice who is ignorant of the nature of the thing to which he aspires

- Hope for the fellow craft who can glimpse enough of the nature of the goal to cause him to yearn for it

- Charity for the master who has achieved his goal and is able to nurture those junior to him

- By extending one’s awareness, one has the capacity to be conscious of the presence of the deity itself

- If one makes a real effort to understand one’s self, one’s motivations and one’s behaviour, the deity (or its agents) will provide the experiences which will facilitate that learning

- Observe what is happening in life, interpret it in the context of symbolism, learn from the experience

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