Friday, 28 March 2014

Like a sailor

I got work in the morning..

Just finished ironing my kitchen whites..

I find it very relaxing ironing my clothes the night before work.

I dont really know what I’m doing and take way too long but if I dont try I will never learn..

There are around seventy prisoners in my unit and they like to constantly make noise, whether it’s shouting at each other across the table, whistling or swearing at women on the telly, from nine in the morning to eleven at night there is a wave of noise that rises and falls depending on whats on the spanish tv. Around seven things die down a bit and because of this, I do my ironing..

Try to do my ironing..

As this is prison the bloody thing is chained to the wall and as the chain is very small things are not ideal, but I do my best,

More often than not the bastard got no water in it and untold burnt plastic on the bottom,
but again,
I try to make it work..

Why go through all this effort sweating it out under the spanish tv, trying to ignore the thunderous applause each time a chick with a dick is on caso cerado?

Even though im burning holes in paper thin bootleg tshirts that turn yellow after one wash, it’s still nice to take some time out to try do something that will make me feel good.

Same reason I get a haircut every two weeks and occasionaly cook up some bull shit with my Russian friend..

It’s cool though.

Spending time on my own, thinking about how I used to stuff my clothes under my mattress to iron them!

That was some bullshit!

Especially considering the mattress in MCC were about a thousand years old with bare dusty knives hidden inside them! 

Real talk!

One freind of mine from Newburgh found a big bone crusher banger in his bed,
got rid of it and the mattress,
then found some hench knitting needle of a knife in his next one!


To be fair..

Considering each time this guy found a banger in his bed his cellie was not shocked in any way shape or form there was a bit more to the story than just a magic mattress..

But still..

That I am in a position where I do not have to stuff my sunday best under a soiled mattress to poorly imitate the appearance of ironed clothing is a step in the right direction..

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