Tuesday, 30 July 2013


During the end of my bid in the Manhattan Correctional Center i got cool with this young dude from the Bronx who had BLUE eyes and a shiny bald head,

My boy asked me to do him a sketch of his name, something i didn't like doing as bums don't pay you on time or ask you to change the sketch halfway through, complain about the price after you've made the contract, general jailhouse idiocy,

But as i fucked with Green and he was good people i told him i'd do it for free but it would take a while because i wanted to make sure it a good sketch,

We both liked it a lot and he said it was cool if i sent it to my people so they could scan it in, with the intention of then getting it back to him at some point but i was moved from MDC before the kite got back to me..

Hopefully he'll get his hands on it sometime soon..


  1. Hope that all is well bro. Hang in there! Unnnhhh (Rick Ross voice).