Friday, 26 April 2013


What's good.

I've been in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn for just over a month now..

-Dave H







It's been really nice to receive letters and books since coming here. I really appreciate you taking the time to do so as things have been a little testing recently and your letters have helped a lot.

About a week ago i managed to borrow a book of dollar stamps from this little Mexican guy.

He is very short but has a really big head and does an extremely good job of cleaning your cell if you payhim three "macarellas" but don't offer him a bowl of food as he gets offended very easily.

"no soy perro"


I apogize to my freinds and family if i was a little unclear when explaining when i got ass-raped/sentenced back in March.

The man sentenced me to fifty months of incarceration which out of every year you don't get caught fighting or doing any kind of stupid fuckrie you get fifty four days of good time and i think that means that out of the fifty months i end up serving around forty two.

If everything goes to plan and i stay out of trouble i will be coming home in April or possibly before than depending if all the urban legends are true about how if you go to an INS spot they send you home a month or so early.

Amazing stuff.


But yeah how am i doing?

What am i upto at the moment?


I had little very little sleep last night as i stayed up listening to some bluegrass and blues show on the radio. I also do not have a pillow. Up until this point of being in MDC Brooklyn i have been improvising by folding up a pile of clothes and putting a soft thermal long sleeve on top but to be fair all it's really doing is leaving me with a waffle print on my face and serious neck pain.

Also for whatever reason they have seen fit, the air conditioning has been turned on full blast, shooting out arctic breezes straight onto my bed and considering i am Turkish,

When i wake up freezing cold i am too stubborn to put on a t-shirt so attempt to staunch it out day after day and this is resulting in me not getting any sleep.

Real clever!!

Today is a Wednesday..

It is now about mid day and while i am typing away on this computer there is a small piece of paper in front of me that is folded up with telephone numbers on it i plan on using when i get off the computer, some of my freinds have hooked up Skype numbers so i'm going to give them a call and see how they're doing today but other than that i do not have much planned. To my left there are a line of tattooed guys talking about "my son smoke" and how "that's my SON" and "that's what's UP" and so on and so forth.

Next to them is a guy wearing all white who's name starts with a T and he works in the kitchen..

He's my connect..

Next to him is another guy wearing all white who works in the kitchen. He's about four hundred pounds and i can't stand him. From being in prison all this time with so many shady motherfuckers you get a sixth sense as to what kind of person a motherfucker is just by how they move and the way they talk to people, their body language and the type of things they talk to you about.

I know his type very well..

For some reason writing all of this is starting to get me pissed and since i got sentenced my mind-set has changed 'dramastically' so it is probably best that instead of sitting at this computer tapping away so hard that the monitor is shaking from left to right i just go lay down in my cell with the lights off and try to get some sleep.

I'm PISSED right now..

Listening to this is not helping..

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