Saturday, 24 September 2011

Chill out..


Handstyles are big in New York..

Throwups, tags,
dubs, etch bath..


Shit was nice..

Security cameras are almost non existant,
especially on the subways..

Most of the stations are made up of
white tiled surfaces..

Streets were nice too..

Whether it was heads from back in the ends,
big names from famous crews around the world
or man dem i hadn't yet got familiar with,

  My ends was poppin'..

When it got to the point where my visa expired,
i tried to keep my head down..

lay low..

Chill out..


Dick wad...
Every once in a while,
a writer would come stay at my yard..

after a few days of hitting a couple spots

they'd breeze..
Usually leaving me with some extra paint lying around the place..

This was before i had a decent means of getting hold of paint,
so with a few good tins laying around, i'd go drop something..


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