Sunday, 18 September 2011

Back to the Office

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Working in the city..

It had plenty of movement,


It was deep..
There was this one client i used to love dealing with..
She was a real sweetheart..

Her company was located right by the water,
by the west side highway if i'm not mistaken..
I'd get the call,


stop burning DVD's,

an skank out the door..


The walk to her office,
i'd easily stretch the 20 minute walk
into a 40 minute stroll..
No problemo..


No matter when i arrive,
she was always too busy to see me anyway..
No problemo..
I'd grab some coffee an
go sit on the waterfront..


Cotching on my jaes,
breathin' in the crisp clean air,
i'd let my feeble mind wander..
press play

What shall i cook for dinner?


Where am i going this weekend?


What shall i wear?


Real meaningfull shit..
If my brain would begin to focus
on a topic of actual importance or meaning,
my phone would start ringin'..


Time to get my ass back to the office..


Get some work done..


Tough times..


Press Play


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