Friday, 20 June 2014


What's up..

It's taken me a while to get myself together
since i've been out.

I assumed the adjustment period would comprise
of getting used to metal utensils, the absence of an
underlying threat of being sent to solitary confinement
for standing too close to a woman, not having to use
two batteries and a snapped razor to light a cigarette,
being able to lock a door, use fire to cook food instead
of radioactive microwaves, being around animals and
small children,

But it's been a little bit more than that..

Adjusting to my own changes and how they
correlate with the outside world has been a huge task.

Although I don't see myself as being damaged from what
i've been through it has undoubtedly changed my perception
of people and this has caused many issues since i've been out.

Once again i am in a completely new environment,

weighing up what i can and can't control,

what is best for me,

how i can go about putting these things
into practice in the present moment,

Life can be as hard or as easy as i want it to be.

The same applies to you.

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