Thursday, 8 May 2014

Wisdom of Life

"The wise man will, above all, strive after freedom from pain and annoyance,
quiet and leisure, consequently a tranquil, modest life, with as few encounters
as may be; and so, after a little experience of his so-called fellowmen,
he will elect to live in retirement, or even, if he is a man of great intellect,
in solitude.

 For the more a man has in himself, the less he will want from other people-
the less, indeed, other people can be to him. This is why a high degree of intellect
tends to make a man unsocial. True, if  quality of intellect could be made up for by quantity,
it might be worth while to live even in the great world; but unfortunately,
a hundred fools together will not make one wise man."

 -Arthur Schopenhauer

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