Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Freestyle Friday

Last Friday i managed to make a couple of moves and i am now in a different cell.

Stood at the back of the room with the light off, forehead pressed against the window breathing heavily,

I'm enjoying a very different view..

A heavily-stained plastic cup that is randomly adorned  with various red stickers carefully peeled off a stick of Old Spice  is loosely clasped by a mish-mash of red bruised knuckles,

Looking past a gravel-lined roof and beyond the construction site below i see nothing but endless water splashing and twinkling as it's fucked around by passing boats and swanky yachts.

My new horizon is framed by pieces of random machinery poking through the white stones of the roof and in the distance is a line  of piled dirt and yellow cranes that light up after dark.

If i look up i see clouds,

I stare at them for hours on end,

Watching them slowly unravel,

They remind me of coffee granules dissolving in a mug of hot water!!

Every now and then my view is obscured  by a thick stream of steam pissing out a big silver chimney slap-bang in the middle of the roof..

I like it.


It reminds me of being in the town,

I think I'm not the only one,

Everyday there is a bunch of pigeons that sit sprinkled across the white stones looking out into the harbor.

"Them n****r's STAY chillin' up there"

Most of my day is spent looking out of this window.

I look out of it after i wake up in the morning to see what new boats have arrived and see the builders coming to work and i am up late at night staring out at the buildings in the distance  wondering what the people might be doing and if they enjoy being in a nice warm office block typing away on their computers.

On this Friday night,

While sneakers and fists are slamming down on tables to give their verdict on the outcome of BET's "Freestyle" MC battle,

I'm looking out at a red horizon,

Staring at the sun as long as i can before my eyes start to feel cold and green blotches
wash my vision into blindness,

Before i go find my cellie to tell him to get us a couple of mugs of hot water so we can make coffee before lock in,

I catch the tale-end of a plane  disappearing into the clouds..

That's what's up.

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